Unified for 25

Unified for 25 is the theme of our 25th anniversary celebration of the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts. Join us this year as we continue to bring the arts to those in our immediate community, state, and the world. With the wide variety of activities this year, there is something for everyone, and if you are a student, admission is free of charge. We offer a superb arts education at an affordable price, where you study with the professor of practice, and never the professor's aid.

Help Us Build a Steinway

One of our current goals is to become a Steinway school, of which there are only 180+ in all of the world. This fall, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are taking a grand step in that direction. To help us achieve our goal, with your support, we are going to purchase a new 9’ concert grand Steinway Piano to grace the Louise D. Addicott and Yatish J. Joshi Performance Hall. Please select a gift amount from the list below and give through the "Give Now" button.

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