Graduate Admissions

Master of Music Admission Requirements

The Master of Music degree is a flexible program intended for students holding a bachelor’s degree in music (B.A., B.M., B.M.E., etc.). In some cases, a student with a Bachelor’s degree in a field other than music may become a candidate for the Master of Music degree either by demonstrating competence in performance and academic music subjects at the level of the Bachelor’s degree in Music, or by completing any under-graduate music courses in performance or academic subjects that may be required by the Music faculty.

NB: International students must apply for admission to this program through the Office of International Student Services at IU South Bend. As a preliminary audition a video recording of a recent performance, either a VHS videotape, NTSC format, or a DVD disc, must be submitted with this application. Composition applicants may submit a CD of their works. A formal audition will be required after the student arrives in South Bend. A minimum score of 550 (paper-based) or 213 (computer-based) on the TOEFL examination is required for admission to the program, although students with scores at or just above these minimum scores should expect to take remedial English courses at the beginning of their Masters program. Credit hours earned in remedial English courses do not count towards the total credit hours required for the degree.


A successful audition in the student’s chosen area of performance; piano, voice, orchestral instrument, composition. Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies for specific audition requirements.

Additional requirements for composition:

  • Undergraduate paper on theory/composition
  • Portfolio of four to six works for different ensembles, including at least one for orchestra.
  • Recordings on CD or tapes (cued to the sections desired).
  • Interview with the faculty.
Download the audition application here.

Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation from former private instructors and/or professors familiar with the student's work. Letters of recommendation must be sealed and forwarded directly from the recommender, or delivered using the On-Line Graduate Application system.

Writing Competency

Applicants must submit a written paper on a music history or music theory topic, including footnotes and bibliography, that demonstrates the student’s the ability to write about music in a cogent, scholarly fashion, exhibiting a high standard of academic English.

Placement Examinations

After successfully completing an audition in the chosen performance area, and before beginning course work on the Master of Music degree, each student will take graduate placement examinations in music history, theory, aural skills, keyboard skills, and diction (voice students only). If deficiencies are revealed, students will be required to complete one or more of the graduate-level review course(s) listed below before beginning the Graduate Curriculum. Credits earned for review courses do not count towards the degree. Prospective students may contact the Director of Graduate Studies for general information about the format and content of these examinations. Students pursuing the Master's Degree in Voice will take additional placement exams in Italian, French, German, and Latin diction.

Apply to the Graduate Program in Music here.