Student Artist of the Month: Megan Jerndt


Along with being on track to graduate this December with a BFA in photography, Jerndt works in the gallery at Lubeznik Center for the Arts. She was hired by Lubeznik after an internship.

Her own photographic work is partially inspired by Eric Johnson’s work with collages and overlays.

Jerndt2“I’ve always been interested in photos,” says Jerndt. “I’ve always asked for cameras as gifts from my mom and step-dad. I’ve been getting them since I was in middle school, maybe. I think I had like ten cameras until I finally bought my DSLR.”

The works that accompany this story are from her Self-Discovery series that began as a project in a class that allowed her to work on one series for an entire semester. She says the experience taught her a lot of what it means to plot a series and that it is a project she would like to continue working with after she graduates.

“[Photography interests me] because of the different perspectives you can give on things than what other people see with their own eyes,” Jerndt explains.