Justin Amellio-Ashbrook

Courses Taught at IUSB:

THTR-A190 Introduction to Theatre
THTR-T120 Acting 1: Fundamentals of Acting
THTR-T223 Vocal & Physical Preparation 1
THTR-T224 Vocal & Physical Preparation 2
THTR-T300 Musical Theatre Workshop 1
THTR-T303 Musical Theatre Workshop 2
THTR-T321 Musical Theatre History
THTR-T340 Directing 1 (Fundamentals of Directing)
THTR-T402 The Business of Acting
THTR-T420 Acting 4: Classical Realism
THTR-T423 Acting 5: Period Comedy
THTR-T442 Directing 2: Advanced Directing
THTR-T483 Topics in Theatre (Physicalized Movement Creation)
THTR-T490 Independent Study (Choreography)