Dance Lecture and Demonstration

Dance Lecture and Demonstration February 23

by Christina Clark

The IU South Bend Theatre and Dance Company will take to the Campus Auditorium stage on February 23 to showcase their dance pieces and educate as they go.

The performances slated for the Dance Lecture and Demonstration are all student choreographed, and student performers will be giving brief descriptions concerning their inspiration and how the process they went through to choreograph their performances.

“They want to showcase a piece of work they have done,” says Jen Kazmierczak, lecturer in theatre. “They came to the faculty and showed us pieces, refined them, and got them polished for the [demonstration].”

dance demo

The performance will feature a range of dance styles from ballet, jazz, lyric, tap, modern, to Middle Eastern, and perhaps even a sword dance.

The dancers involved come from different backgrounds. Some are “people who have been dancing for many years, some who have just picked it up in the last couple of years, and all of them are incredibly skilled,” says Kazmierczak.

The performance is open to the public, and will begin at 7:30 pm. The choreographers will be around after the demonstration to field questions and facilitate discussion in the community after their lecture and performances.

“It’s been a couple years since we’ve done this format,” explains Kazmierczak. “We’re excited to revive it this year, as previously we’ve done more formalized concerts, but this year we want the students to tell us a little bit more about how they are creating their works.”

Tickets are available at the Box Office, pricing between $5-$7.

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