Kick start Raclin

Kick starting the new school year off on the right foot

By Kate Luce

kickstart raclinIncoming freshmen and transfer students share common fears about starting college: class workload, time management, making connections, and getting familiar with campus. Because of these fears, Raclin School of the Arts create an event KickStart Raclin Arts to help these students become more familiar with classes and school, receive guidance from students and faculty, and start the school year off as ready as they can be.

KickStart was implemented back in the fall of 2018. The idea is to give a specialized approach to help students get familiar to the Raclin School of the Arts facilities as well as their faculty and staff. Due to the success of the first installment of KickStart, bringing the event back for a second year was a no brainer. Students feel as though this event has helped them in ways the typical orientation has not.

Currently enrolled students and faculty served as tour guides around campus. After the guided tour, the current students spoke individually to KickStart attendees, answering their questions, and providing new students with advice on classes and the school itself while having lunch together.

KickStart was a new and exciting experience for me. I loved getting to know the new art students, making them feel welcome on campus, and helping them feel welcome in the art community in South Bend, Brianna Edgerly, BFA photography and student guide, says. Lastly, students came back to Northside to mingle with one another, ask any other questions, enjoy snacks, and receive their KickStart Raclin Arts t-shirt. “I feel a lot more comfortable knowing more. I got some questions answered that I had. It helped to have students around, and I could ask them where to go for my classes,” Lillyiana Colt, incoming graphic design student, says.“I feel really good and well prepared to get to my classes. I feel like this year is going to be a great year,” Reagan Cagle, incoming 3-D modeling and animation student, says.As these students begin their first year at IU South Bend, one thing is for sure, they are off on the right foot with the help of KickStart. This program will continue to help pave the way and help guide Raclin students in the upcoming future.