Tourtillotte, William

Courses Taught at IUSB:

  • FINA-A190 Art, Aesthetic and Creativity: The Social Impact of Printmaking
  • FINA-P273 Computer I
  • FINA-S240 Basic Printmaking Media
  • FINA-S302 Printmaking II Book Arts
  • FINA-S341 Printmaking II Intaglio
  • FINA-S343 Printmaking II Lithography
  • FINA-S344 Printmaking II Silkscreen
  • FINA-S417 Hand Papermaking I 
  • FINA-S442 Bachelor of Fine Arts Printmaking
  • FINA-S447 Printmaking 3
  •  FINA-S497 Independent Study in Studio Art
  • FINA-U 401 Special Topics in Studio Art: Relief Printmaking