Entrance Auditions

Entrance Auditions

Students who would like to audition should register by email to, Jason Resler, Assistant Professor of Theatre, reslerj@iusb.edu.

Please include your area of interest in the email.

Program specific audition/interview information:

Entrance Auditions

Entrance auditions allow students to go directly into the major, either the BA or BFA (in theatre performance, musical theatre performance, design and technical production, or dance) based on the recommendations of the faculty committee.

Incoming Students will also be eligible for scholarships specifically set aside for new students, which will be based on the interview/audition process.

Students who do not audition, or those that do not pass directly into the major (via successful entrance audition) are encouraged to attend IU South Bend as a pre-theatre major and will have the opportunity to officially enter the major at the end of their first or second year, based on performance, and must pass into the major by the end of their second year as a pre-theatre student or will be asked to choose another scholastic path.

‘Conditionally Accepted’

Students who enter the program via the entrance audition will be ‘conditionally accepted’ into the department of theatre and dance. What does ‘Conditionally accepted’ mean? You have been accepted into the theatre program based on your talent but first you must be accepted into IU South Bend. Please visit our Admissions page to apply for admission. Once accepted you’ll also be able to apply for scholarships